When someone ruins an opportunity for you. Destroying an otherwise fun time, wrecking your good mood.

Ben Elman, founder of DateBritishGuys.com, counts five reasons you should date a British guy.

When the London-bred Ben Elman married his Connecticut-born wife on New Year’s Eve in 2008, he was inundated with requests from her American friends desperate to be set up with single, British men. Two years and one aha! moment later, Ben and his wife Becca created DateBritishGuys.com , a dating site geared toward American women looking to meet and date Brits. The site launched the first week of April 2010.

That’s all fine and dandy, but Christian Bale’s abs aside, why should us American ladies date a Brit? Ben gives five reasons below.

1. The Accent

Guilty as charged. Ben’s got us on this one. For some mythical reason, American ladies turn into googly-eyed golden retrievers when in the presence of a British accent.

"Put a British guy in a bar full of American women and let them hear his accent. Within one minute of him ordering, I’ll bet you $100 one of the girls will approach him and ask him if he is British, followed by some story about a trip they may have been on or planned later that year to the UK," Elman says. "It is like a superpower that only the ex-pat Brits and Australians are aware of. I honestly have no idea as to why this is the case—but it is."

2. British Men Have Been Raised With Royalty, And Treat Women Like Princesses

American ladies with a taste for the finer things in life would do well dating a British guy, Ben says. You can thank the Royal Family for this. Hmm. Seems questionable, but we’ll take his word for it.

"An American woman deserves to be treated like a real princess, and British guys know a lot more about royalty than their American counterparts. Education in the UK goes far beyond school subjects and grades. It includes etiquette, manners… ultimately, how to address a lady. So really, Brits come far more qualified for the job."

3. While Fancier Than Americans, British Men Are Less Prissy

You want a man’s man wrapped up in luxury? Done! Just don’t focus on the teeth. Or clothes. Or scent.

"Well, OK—Brits do tend to have the worst teeth in the world, often forget to shower and are light years behind in dress sense—but teeth can be fixed, new clothes can be purchased and the smell can be washed out. But why would you want to do that? Real men give off a scent that can’t be bottled up and sold." 

4. British Men Are More Rugged

Ben thinks that all of that superfluous padding in American football is for babies. British men aren’t afraid to get a little knocked up.

"While American men are playing dress-up with big head guards and shoulder pads for their next football game, British guys are playing rugby without any protection. Stupid? Possibly. But it does beg the question—which one would you rather have protecting you in a dark alley?"

5. British Men Love American Women

According to Ben, in order to impress a British man, all we have to do is show up and be ourselves.

"The big reason why American women should date British men is that we really love American women. That is no offense to British women (my mum’s British!), but American women are just so much more aggressive, dominant, colorful (in dress), independent and appreciative. I feel appreciated more when I buy dinner for an American woman than any British date I ever went on. Why is this? Who knows? I think there should be a long bridge built over the Atlantic Ocean and passports should not be needed to cross."

(Source: yourtango.com)

Posted on 22 October 2011

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